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To be a leader in providing high-quality and research-based accounting graduates with having moral values for the well-being of the nation and the globe.


  • To provide high quality professional accounting education and enhance life-long learning.
  • To establish a foundation for enabling students concerning problem-solving and analytical ability in the arena of business.
  • To excel in research through innovation, diversification, and collaboration that substantially spreads knowledge for the wellbeing of the society and attracts mass people in the field of accounting and finance.
  • To tie with industries, accounting professional bodies, and other stakeholders to create sustainable relationships with high ethical and moral values.


  • be dynamic in course-curriculum development based on knowledge expansion, job creation opportunities, job placement and economic value
  • link with the industry and accounting professional bodies such as ICAB, ICMAB and tie with the industry expectations and quality of students so that they can be more competitive in job market.
  • enhance quality education through training-up of the human resources and equip with technology
  • promote research in the field of accounting, finance, and management science and engineering
  • serve the economy as a whole