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Welcome to the Department of Accounting at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. (MBSTU)., Today’s world is a world of industrialization and globalization. In this world a combination with the technological, industrial, and theoretical knowledge is essential to meet the up-to-date demand of the world. Though Bangladesh is an agricultural country; swift industrialization has become imperative for the country to keep pace with global development. To be successful in this competitive industrialized world, we need a skilled manpower in the field of accounting, finance, management, marketing, banking, human resource management etc. We know that accounting is the language of business. So, a business professional is incomplete without the knowledge of accounting. From this viewpoint, the Department of Accounting has started its journey in 2019(Session 2019-2020). The department of Accounting is aimed to serve the nation by creating the best accountants and business leader of the country. The department is involved with teaching, research in accounting, and policy contributions to the nation. The academic staffs of the department are rich in variant knowledge and proficient in innovative teaching and research. We are offering Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting for the students. Our students are being learnt to assess how accounting is implemented in a multifaceted and contingent environment in organizational and institutional process. After completing the program successfully, a student will be able to become successful in professional accounting jobs in business, government, and public accounting. The department also makes the student dexterous for the advanced study in the relevant area of accounting. The department makes the students competent for the advanced study in the relevant area of accounting as well. This department also nurtures, develop, and motivate students’ to be entrepreneur to serve the society.