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Dr. Syed Moudud-Ul-Huq

Welcome to the Department of Accounting at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. (MBSTU)., Today’s world is a world of industrialization and globalization. In this world a combination with the technological, industrial, and theoretical knowledge is essential to meet the up-to-date demand of the world. Though Bangladesh is an agricultural country; swift industrialization has become imperative for the country to keep pace with global development. To be successful in this competitive industrialized world, we need a skilled manpower in the field of accounting, finance, management, marketing, banking, human resource management etc. We know that accounting is the language of business. So, a business professional is incomplete without the knowled Read More


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Top Publications

  • MOUDUD-UL-HUQ, S. (2019). The Impact of Business Cycle on Banks’ Capital Buffer, Risk and Efficiency: A Dynamic GMM Approach from a Developing Economy. Global Business Review, 0972150918817382. (SCOPUS, ABDC-Ranked), ESCI (Web of Science).

  • MOUDUD-UL-HUQ, S. (2018). Banks’ capital buffers, risk, and efficiency in emerging economies: are they counter-cyclical? Eurasian Economic Review, 1-26. (SCOPUS, ABDC-Ranked), ESCI (Web of Science).

  • MOUDUD-UL-HUQ, S. 2018. Can BRICS and ASEAN-5 Emerging Economies Benefit from Bank Diversification? Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. (SCOPUS, ABDC-Ranked), ESCI (Web of Science).